*As an independent illustrator I can throw in little extras to make your illustrations and book have more impact

       *I will stay with you through the entire publishing process- navigating through the technical questions for you and dealing with the self-publishing company

       *I quote a job by the total amount so no surprises or extra expenses are charged

       *I can decide the format for your book and determine how many pages you have. Note: most children's books are 24,or 32 to 36

       *You can give me your ideas for each illustration page or I can determine what they should be. You would then approve or disapprove the sketch. Once a pen drawing is done you can make up to two changes. On the final color illustration only one change can be made due to the difficulty

       *I charge less for black and white only illustrations, self-publishers charge the same amount as a full color illustration

       *I have a double BA degree in art and have been doing it for over 30 years professionally

       *I excel at animals and people

       *I am not a temperamental artist, I am very easy to work with: check my Client Comments or ask for references, my clients love me

       *I am not expensive, nor am I rock bottom, I have steady work coming in so I am not lacking for illustration jobs


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