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Heather Hollis Altman

I  Wrote, Illustrated & Dedicated this Book to my Daughter who ran a Non-Profit Cat Rescue before her unexpected passing  in 2006.

This true touching story follows the life of a no-longer wanted and abandoned cat, his experiences and life in the strange harsh environment of suddenly becoming a stray. His capture and rescue by a young woman and her cat rescue. How he has to learn to trust again and eventually   gets a new home and the things he never had, love and a soft lap. This story is told by the cat, from his viewpoint, so it has a way of putting you into his world and his experiences. At the end of the book is an educational section called Cat Tales and Facts that tells what is false and what is true when it comes to cats. There is also a page that tells you how you can help your local shelter even if you are a small child. Children learn responsibility, compassion, and some valuable information. This book is an invaluable tool for helping a child learn the consequences of casual pet ownership.                               All profits go to Animal Rescues.  



Step into the land of a faery king, beautiful maiden, dragons, unicorn and griffin. This story poem was created by the inspiration of an actual castle in Southern Wales , Castle Coch. Set on a small hilltop in the middle of a magical feeling wood, this tiny castle captured the imagination of the author/illustrator Tyler Hollis. The story unfolded in a whispered memory of what could have been, as Tyler strolled through the rooms and hallways. Beautiful cameo style drawings make you feel as if you are walking through this magical castle with her in another time and place where faeries and magic abound.


Behind The Faery Veil


Welcome to the realm of bewitching faeries, sylphs, fierce dragons, ancient wizards, alluring mermaids, and shimmering sea serpents, Tyler's magical art work sets the mood for her tales and poems of fantasy. Leave the everyday world behind and step through the veil into the land of dreams and memories.  



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